Choosing the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod: The Definitive Guide

Let me guess: you love fishing and you wish you could do it any time, anywhere. You want to have a rod with you at all times “just in case”. Me, too! I love fishing. That’s the whole reason I started looking into getting a telescopic fishing rod. A telescopic fishing rod allows you to carry your rod anywhere. It takes up very little space and extends into a full-size rod. You probably already know that, though.

What you might not know is which telescopic fishing rod is the best.¬†It’s actually kind of tough to say because telescopic fishing rods are such a small subcategory of fishing rods and all the information out there reads like marketing. They all claim to be the best, the most effective, the most reliable, the most durable. But we all know that can’t be true.

And besides, all that is pretty relative. Every fisherman has different needs. The best telescopic fishing rod for me may not be the best telescopic fishing rod for you, right? That’s why I think we have to take a look at lots of different options. While I was researching what the best telescopic fishing rod is for me, I thought it might be useful to give you guys a breakdown of my research so you can decide for yourself which telescopic fishing rod you ought to get.

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In my search for the best telescopic fishing rod, I looked over all the top-selling and most popular brands. There are actually quite a few out there so you might want to do a bit of research yourself. But all things considered, I narrowed it down to four. I think these 3 telescopic rods are probably (at least by my standards) the 3 best available. I took into consideration portability, price, durability, and materials used when I chose these. They are:

Top 3 Telescopic Fishing Rod Comparison

I thought it might be useful to breakdown the technical specifications, price, appearance, and reviews of my top choices. If you want to make the best decision for yourself, you should take a look at an overview of what each telescopic fishing rod has to offer.

Below is a chart I made of my top choices and how they compare to one another. Now, I’m not saying one of these is the absolutely perfect rod for you. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, but you’re guaranteed to find one that’s at least pretty damn close to perfect for you.

Anyway, take a look at this table:

 Enjoydeal Telescopic Fishing RodShakespeare Travel Mate Rod & Reel ComboEagle Claw Pack-it Spin Combo
Reviews21 Reviews178 Reviews95 Reviews
MaterialCarbon Fiber
Min Length17.3"
Max Length5'10"
Our ReviewRead Our ReviewRead Our ReviewRead Our Review

Top Telescopic Fishing Rod Reviews

Let’s take a brief look at each of these top-selling telescopic fishing rods and see what’s so good (or bad, or just okay) about them. First up, the Enjoydeal.

Enjoydeal Telescopic Travel Rod

Enjoydeal Telescopic Fishing Rod

As far as looks go, this one is hands-down the prettiest, at least in my opinion. Everyone agrees it’s got a good rigid flex for casting and a comfortable, lightweight feel. It’s really strong and durable, made from carbon fiber. It’s excellent for fishing from the shore, reefs, and rocks. The size is ultra portable and easy to tote just about anywhere, Some complaints: the eyes seem a little weak and it seems like I’m constantly adjusting them. The reel seat is a bit slippery, but not too bad and the rod itself is so light that it had some trouble getting even a 5lb weight off the ground. Still, its shortcomings are easy to look over since it’s so affordable.

So just a brief breakdown of the pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Very durable and flexible for such a light and portable rod

and the cons:

  • Perhaps it’s a little too light for your needs. Consider carefully how much weight you’ll be using.

If you want something lightweight and that won’t break easy, and you don’t plan on it doing any heavy lifting, this could be the rod for you.

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Shakespeare Travel Mate Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Shakespeare Telescopic Fishing Rod

This is the one I personally chose for myself. I just love the damn thing. The Sheakespeare Travel Mate Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is a great all-in-one rod. It offers true telescoping (none of that plug-it-together crap) and I’ve gotten lots of use out of the excellent case that came with it. The case has 6 built-in storage compartments, and they’re adjustable so everything’s always got its place.

With this one, you’ll want to stick with 5-10lb test line. You test it out yourself and see what works, but I’m guessing anything over 15lbs could snap the rod. I definitely have the best like with 5-10lbs though, so that’s what I recommend. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of this particular telescopic fishing rod:

  • Pretty affordable at $25 to $45 (depending on the full-size length you want.)
  • Travel ready
  • Rod AND reel, not just the rod.
  • Comes with a kickass case with 6 adjustable compartments
  • The removable shoulder strap is useful
  • It’s got a fold down handle.

Some of the downsides:

  • Like all telescopic fishing rods, you’re compromising the amount of weight it can handle by choosing a smaller size.
  • Some people have had trouble with the reel and say it’s prone to tangling. I’ve personally never had a problem with it, but it’s a possibility.

This one just happened to line up with all my needs for a telescopic rod, so it’s the one I use the most.

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Eagle Claw Spin Combo

Eagle Claw Telescopic Fishing Rod

There’s a lot of good to find in the Eagle Claw telescopic fishing rod and reel combo. Its fiberglass and aluminum design makes it very lightweight and incredibly durable.

  • Durable enough for trail, trunk, or turbo-prop
  • Includes lightweight aluminum reel and folding handle
  • Reel is preloaded with line
  • Ceramic guides and cork/EVA handle
  • Very affordable
  • One year warranty

This one does have a few reported disadvantages however:

  • May be prone to snapping
  • Some find the reel to be lacking in quality

The good thing is, the affordability and the one year warranty make this a pretty good buy regardless. You don’t have a lot to lose with this particular Eagle Claw.

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How to Find the Best Telescopic Fishing Rod

If you’re anything like me, you just can’t take anyone on the internet seriously. And why should you? You have no way of knowing who’s really smart about stuff and who isn’t. I post my research here and I reveal my top pick for a telescopic fishing rod, but how do you know that I know anything? It’s better if you check it out yourself and decide which is the best telescopic fishing rod for you personally based on your own criteria.

If you want to compile your own top 3 telescopic fishing rods to choose from, I recommend using this criteria as your base:

  • Price
  • Collapsed Length (which I have listed in the chart as minimum length)
  • Extended Length (which I’ve listed as maximum length)
  • Material
  • Warranty length, if any
  • Whether or not it’s part of a reel combo
  • Durability (which is related a lot to material)
  • Intended use (saltwater, freshwater, shore, boat, etc)

Of these, I believe the most important are price, material/durability, and warranty. For me at least, I have to recognize my telescopic fishing rod for what it is. It’s meant to be light and portable, so it should be incredibly affordable and I shouldn’t be surprised if it happens to break. What I need to make sure of is that I’m getting the maximum usage out of my rod for the price. So, I want a telescopic fishing rod that is affordable and can withstand some basic usage over a period of at least a couple years.

It’s always helpful if the rod has a warranty so that even if it does snap after a few uses, you aren’t completely burnt on the deal. They’ll replace it for you and you can at the very least get your money’s worth.

If you’ll shop for you telescopic fishing rod at Amazon, make sure you don’t ignore the reviews. There are two things you want to look for when you see the reviews. First, you want there to be lots of them. Lots of reviews mean that the product is popular and popular products have a proven reputation, good or bad. Second, you want to check the quality of the reviews. Are they mostly positive, or mostly negative? Obviously, you’re aiming for the most positive reviews possible. I usually don’t consider a product with less than 25 reviews unless I’m absolutely sure about what I’m looking for.

The Final Verdict

Of my top three, I believe the absolute best telescopic fishing rod you can get is the Shakespeare Travel Mate rod and reel combo. The other two options won’t disappoint you at all if they look like better options to you, but I chose the Travel Mate for three reasons.

First, the Travel Mate has more reviews than any other telescopic fishing rod on Amazon, with a total of 178, and they lean toward the positive. I like to know that the rod I buy is tested and proven, even if it does have its fair share of bad reviews. I’d rather see a few bad reviews from a mainstream audience than nothing but glowing reviews from a very small but passionate group of consumers who have nothing in common with me.

Second, for this particular rod I definitely wanted a reel. I’m keeping this one in the back of my truck so it’s just less of a hassle if I have an affordable reel to go with it, even if it might not be the absolute highest quality I could get. But portability and convenience trumps absolute perfection when it comes to a telescopic fishing rod.

Third, it really doesn’t have much to do with the rod itself, but I liked the case that comes with it. Pretty nice and sturdy, and I love the adjustable compartments, so that’s why I went with it.

However, for the price all the telescopic fishing rods are going for, I don’t think I’d be disappointed with any, and I don’t think you would be either. It just depends on you figuring out what’s right for you.

Browse all the best telescopic fishing rods on Amazon and see the big discounts that are available! I highly recommend it.