Shakespeare Travel Mate Rod and Reel Combo Review

Shakespeare Telescopic Fishing RodIf you’ve been looking for the very best telescopic fishing rod, then I can practically guarantee you have run into the Shakespeare Travel Mate telescopic fishing rod. It is one of the most dominant telescopic rods on and persistently shows up in first place on search results for telescopic rods. It is a well known rod for sure, however, you definitely want to learn a little more about it before you go and buy one.

It is actually vital to learn as much about a fishing rod as you possibly can because it is very simple to receive a terrible offer, especially on the web. You ought to ensure that you’re buying the right telescopic fishing rod for your unique needs, one that is durable enough for the scenarios you’ll place it in and, above all, one which gets the job done.

There’s a couple questions you could be possibly asking yourself regarding the Shakespeare Travel Mate telescopic fishing rod:

  1. Could it be the best telescopic fishing rod I could purchase?
  2. And if it is, what actually makes it the best choice over another rod?

With this particular piece of writing, I will make it easier to answer these questions for yourself and give you all the critical information for making a truly smart decision regarding your next telescopic fishing rod. When you’re done reading, you’ll comprehend whether or not the Shakespeare Travel Mate telescopic fishing rod is right for you!

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Greatest Transportability and Convenience

In terms of telescopic fishing rods, convenience is the name of the game. If you weren’t trying to find a little, lighter, practical rod above any other rods, you’d have zero need to go with a telescopic rod. No, you’d like a rod that you may have on hand all of the time, in the event you find yourself in the position to slip away for a fast fishing adventure. So for a telescopic fishing rod, the things you need is top portability and usefulness. That’s exactly what the Shakespeare Travel Mate telescopic fishing rod features. In a already folded state, it merely measures approximately 16″ and it is made of a solid but extremely light chrome. Here is exactly what this means:

  • You’re going to be capable of taking this telescopic fishing rod wherever. It doesn’t take up a good deal of space in any respect.
  • It is tough enough to use wherever. Put it inside a bag, in the rear of your vehicle, behind the seat. It is going to survive numerous circumstances.

We’ve under no circumstances been provided anywhere near this much convenience in a rod before, and that is a good thing. The Shakespeare Travel Mate telescopic fishing rod is among the more durable and more compact rods these days. There’s little doubt that this thing will fully satisfy your demands so far as mobility and efficiency goes.

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Strength, Robustness, and Level of comfort

Now, a telescopic fishing rod will never be as resilient and strong as the classic rod, but that’s not saying they can’t be rugged. Nowhere is that more clear than with the Shakespeare Travel Mate telescopic fishing rod. Its chrome manufacturing isn’t something to laugh about. With the proper attention, this rod will last you many, many years. It has got one heck of an elasticity and a good heavy capacity. You’ll be amazed at the Shakespeare Travel Mate telescopic fishing rod’s rigid form. Moreover, the grip is genuinely comfy and gives a great, lightweight fit inside your hand.

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Some Notable Features

Here are several notable highlights of the Shakespeare Travel Mate telescopic fishing rod:

  • Travel-ready rod and reel spinning combo for on the go fishing
  • Includes case with 6 built-in adjustable storage compartments
  • Fold-down handle
  • Removable shoulder strap

The thing I like most on this rod is its style. Most telescopic fishing rods are lacking as far as their appearance goes (which isn’t really a concern, but if it can do the job and look dang good doing it, that’s better). The Shakespeare Travel Mate is a simple, minimal, yet aesthetically pleasing rod, without a doubt.

Only downside is (and I’ve seen some other people mention the same thing) the reel feels a bit cheap. Not really a deal breaker any way, but it’s not my own preference.

Customer Reviews – What Some Others Think of This Rod

I will not purchase an item except if I’ve heard from those who have already used it. This is exactly why I tend to visit Amazon before I make any selections. When you stop by Amazon now you will find that the Shakespeare Travel Mate telescopic fishing rod has close to 200 reviews and a total rating of nearly 4 out of 5 stars.

Additionally, did you know you can save lots of money by buying it at Amazon? You can save approximately 15% or $20 when you buy the rod on Amazon today!

Of all the telescopic fishing rods out there, the Shakespeare Travel Mate is the one I recommend above all others. For me it hits the absolute sweet spot of what I need. It has the ideal price point, the best possible size, and offers excellent performance. If you’re looking for a telescopic fishing rod, this is my top choice. Definitely check it out!

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